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All natural solid timber or MDF finishes or sample swatches on this website refer to the stain applied. Photographic, digital images and colour reproduction is as accurate as possible within the limitations of the original printing process. We cannot accept any responsibility for any variations or perceived variations in colour between the brochures, digital images, or swatches shown on this website with the actual product itself to include, stone effect fireplaces, cast iron, tiles, marble, marble effect or associated fire, stove or fireplace products.

When mantelpieces are created in natural wood veneers, colour and grain will vary and timber will also mellow with exposure to sunlight. Any ornament placed on a mantelpiece should be moved regularly to avoid discoloration of the surface. The finish is not resistant to either hot items or articles liable to stain. Grain variation in timber, colour variation and veining in marble, knots in pine and the natural mellowing of timber are all normal. These are part of the natural beauty of the material, be it timber, marble or stone, as every product in effect is unique. Marble in its natural form will exhibit variation of formation, veining and colour with inherent natural shakes and fissures. It is accepted practice to fill, reinforce in one way or another and in no way is to be regarded as a defect. Conglomerate marble and agglomerate/micro marble tends to have small air holes within the surface and again is quite normal with this product. Natural marble is subject to change and different veining as no two pieces are exactly the same and therefore cannot be guaranteed as it is a natural product of nature out of the ground, with all associated characteristics and as such must be appreciated accordingly.

Please note that heating performance of all decorative or high efficiency gas fires or gas stoves are dependent on their application and the circumstances of their installation. Heat outputs will also vary with different flue conditions as no two flues will perform the same due to natural elements or varying appliances installed. As there are many high efficiency fires and stoves available on the market today. Also note metal castings and sheet metals used in the manufacture of fires will vary in colour and may not match in colour due to the manufacturing process and varying materials they are made from. It is recommended that you consult with manufacturer of any gas, electric or solid fuel fire or stove that you intend to install with a fireplace or surround, be it from this website or elsewhere, prior to purchasing such goods. This is to ensure they are compatible in respect to whether your chosen fireplace and fire or stove can withstand the heat/temperature of you chosen appliance to avoid any damage to your chosen fireplace or surround in the future. In the event that you choose not to seek such advise then we cannot be held responsible for any subsequent issues that may arise thereafter with the goods you have purchased if they fail to be incompatible with each other for such reasons mentioned herein.

Similarly flame effects, height, colour, width etc, that are shown in the digital images on our website or brochures will be subject to variance depending on the installation and working conditions and therefore are only shown as a guide and do not substitute for actually seeing the product in reality. We therefore recommend to all potential purchasers to visit a showroom to view their chosen product on working display to assess the flame effect, heat output, colour of the product including metal finishes which can vary and general performance before deciding to make any purchase to avoid any disappointment. Gas fires and gas stoves must be installed into the appropriate class 1, 2 or precast flue in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions. Adequate ventilation into the room may need to be installed, according to the prevailing gas regulations in accordance with manufacturers instructions. The Company will not be held liable for any smoke damage caused to furniture, decor or other property, caused by incorrect or faulty flue pull or draw on any chimney, flue system, precast flue, fireplace or incorrect installation of any fire, fireplace, stove or flue system. The Company will also not be held liable or responsible for any intermittent chimney or flue problems discovered on installation or thereafter even if there had been a previously installed gas fire or gas stove in the same chimney or flue that had worked correctly and safely without intermittent problems. Gas appliances from each manufacturer may perform differently even though designed for such an application. Each installation and conditions may vary and effect the performance of the appliance. The Company will not be liable for any losses be it consequential or otherwise for any costs incurred in installing or removing goods which are unsuitable for a chimney or flue where spillage of fumes has occurred and or the appliance has failed a smoke test due to insufficient flue pull, irrespective of whether the spillage was present before or after installation, as each chimney/flue will perform differently with each and every gas appliance which is installed within it. The Company always recommend that you should have a survey carried out by a Gas Safe registered gas installer, HETAS installer or qualified NICEIC electrician (whichever is applicable to the goods you intend to purchase) to check and certify the compatibility of your chimney, flue, property and or circumstances prior to purchase to avoid disappointment, as the Company cannot be held responsible for any incorrect purchases on behalf of the Customer. We also recommend that you should wait until you have the goods purchased, onsite, in your possession to take accurate measurements from before proceeding to carry out any building work or create any apertures in the wall to avoid potential costly mistakes being made, as manufacturers reserve the right to alter products or specifications without any prior notice as required.

Electric fires are operated by a fan motor and other moving parts and therefore there will be an amount of sound generated from the electric fan driving air over the ribbons to produce a realistic flame effect.

Regarding Sizes, all sizes are quoted as the manufacturer advertises, in certain cases the manufacturer will advertise a minimum opening size of the fireplace to make certain the element of variance during production will not affect installation.

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